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If you’re working finding ways to earn money from home, you’ve probably seen that there are quite a few ways to make a part-time and even a full time income. Before you start on any make money at home program, be sure that you know how you’re going to receive payment.

Let’s review some of the ways you can get payments from typical online money earning venues:

Earn Money From HomePayPal

PayPal is considered, by many, to be a trusted way to pay and get paid without revealing personal financial details to anyone. If you set up a PayPal account, you can earn money from home and get it deposited into your account. No one can take it out but you (unless PayPal reverses a transaction due to suspected fraud or something serious like that) and you can choose how to withdraw.

People in the USA can have a PayPal banking card for doing payments online, in stores, and for withdrawing funds through a bank machine. People who live elsewhere can link bank accounts to their PayPal account and have the ability to do transfers to their account from their PayPal account, which usually takes just a few days to accomplish. This is considered a fairly safe way to do payments. All people need to have in order to send you a payment is your email address.

ACH Payment

Some companies that pay others will use an automated clearing house to transfer payments to your bank account. This is, in essence, a wire transfer payment. Do be careful about who you share these sorts of details with. It’s wise to reserve them for when you’re doing an earn money from home program with a well-known affiliate program.

Prepaid Credit Card

Some prepaid credit cards are available that allow you to let people load money to your card. If you’re trying to earn money from home selling photos, for instance, some stock photography sites do revenue share and will set you up with a prepaid debit credit / debit card to use to be able to access your payments. Several freelance job bidding sites use cards like these to make mass payments also. These typically have service charges attached to them, though, so be aware of this.

Mailed Check

Some online opportunities with companies prefer to pay by check. This is the case with some affiliate marketing programs and may be the only option for people in certain countries. When a company promises to send you a check for your efforts, it’s important to research the validity of their program to make sure you’ve confirmed others have been paid and report on time payments.

Western Union Transfer

A Western Union money transfer is another way to get paid. Anyone can send a payment and there are points where you can pick-up your payment with a money control number and either a password or by showing some government issued identification. Western Union payments do have fees associated with them so be sure that when you arrange to get paid via this method that you determine who will be responsible (sender or receiver) for the Western Union fees.

Always be careful that you thoroughly research ways to earn money from home before giving out any personal and financial details.

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