How to Make Money Blogging

Posted on 26. Sep, 2011 by in Blogging

If you looking for information on how to make money blogging, the good news is that once you create your blog, there are many ways to monetise it! Here are some ideas for how to make money blogging..

Put Contextual Ads on Your Blog

There are several contextual ad programs that bloggers can take part in. Google Adsense, Kontera, and similar programs will serve your blog with ads that are going to be relevant to your audience based on the content. If you want to learn how to make money blogging through contextual advertisements, you’ll want to learn how to write for a niche.

How To Make Money BloggingPeople that visit your blog could click those ads and purchase the products the ads link to. You could create a great income stream this way and adding the ads is as simple as adding some html to your blog (which most blogging platforms make easy for you).

Display Banner Advertising

Banner ads can make blog owners money. It’s not always easy to acquire paying advertisers for your blog but if you learn how to make money blogging, the advertisers could come knocking on your door – offering you money to display their ads.

Product Sales

Starting an online store isn’t always easy to get traffic to, but if you run a successful blog and monetise it by adding a store to it, you could make money online this way. You could sell your own products or do dropshipping of products via wholesalers who will enter into agreements with you and help you generate a profit this way. Blogs can be easily customised to display products for sale.

Make Money via Affiliate Marketing

Various affiliate marketing programs are in place to help you make money blogging. By building a blog that appeals to a specific target market and then offering affiliate products you could earn generous commissions without ever having to ship a product yourself. Many information products and members exist for non-physical products and there are physical products that offer dropshipping as mentioned above. Affiliate ad links can be built into your text and / or added via banners and widgets to your blog.

Internet MarketingHow do you learn how to make money blogging? Just because you put ads on your site doesn’t mean that people will buy what you’re selling. It’s strongly recommended that you take the time to learn how to make money blogging by following some blog mentors who will share tips and advice with you about how to make money blogging via various methods. You can develop multiple methods of monetising your blog and it can be a great way to either supplement your income or even to become your income.

Write well crafted, interesting, and valuable blog content on a site that’s pleasing to the eye and constructed in a way that’s friendly to search engines and social media sites. Learn as much as you can about effective internet marketing techniques and develop relationships with your readers so that they will buy from you, subscribe for future updates, and share positive information about you on social media marketing sites.

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