Tips For Finding Legitimate Work From Home Jobs

Posted on 02. Apr, 2012 by in Work At Home

If you’re looking for legitimate work from home jobs, here are some places to look and some tips for you to make sure you find real online money making opportunities rather than scams.

Classified Sites and Online Job Boards

Legitimate Work From Home JobsThere are several classified sites online that have job sections. Some offer telecommuting job sections. Many companies looking to hire home-based workers will put listings on these sites. Beware, though, these sites can be rife with scams. If you see anything that’s clearly a scam, be a good online citizen and report the listing.

There are legitimate work from home jobs on these sites but there may be a lot of competition, too, so take time to apply with a professional process (resume, cover letter, etc.) for something that looks good to you.

Blogs and Discussion Forums Dedicated to the Work from Home Industry

Blogs and discussion forums that are dedicated to home based jobs can be a goldmine of information. Not only will you find that there are helpful resource articles but you’ll also find job leads and feedback from other people who work from home. People in the industry can be very helpful and will often provide tips and advice about legitimate work from home jobs. If you question the validity of an opportunity, these sites can be good places to pose questions, too.

Established websites and forums will often get advertisements from companies looking to hire as well. It can be wise to subscribe to new notifications from these sites so you can find out about new legitimate work from home jobs and opportunities first.

Google Alerts

Google Alerts is a service for Gmail account holders (Gmail is free to sign up for). By using alerts, you can ask for a notification when certain search terms are indexed online. If you set up an alert for “work from home jobs” for example or “help wanted” or “telecommute”, you could receive real time or once daily alerts that meet those search terms.

This is another way to find out about new opportunities first. Instead of having to search high and low for legitimate work from home jobs you could have the research done for you by Google.

Tips for Doing Your Own Research:

  • Look up companies you’d like to work for and check their “Jobs” section.
  • Post an ad on free classified sites about your skills in case interested employers are seeking employees.
  • Learn about signs of scams so you don’t fall prey to making money from home scams. If anyone asks for money, you should do in-depth research to find out if this is a legitimate work from home job or not.

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