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Posted on 28. Sep, 2011 by in Affiliate Marketing

If you want to make money with Adsense, you need to get approved. Not everyone who applies gets approved. Once you get approved you’ll have to learn to follow the rules so that when you do make money with Google Adsense, you’ll qualify for payout.

Applying to Make Money with Adsense

At Google Adsense you can apply to become a publisher so that you can place contextual ads on your website or blog. Google wants to know why you want to be a publisher and the best way to demonstrate this is to show them. This means that you should have a somewhat established site.

Blogging is a great option. Create a blog and post at least a dozen or so high quality posts over a several week period. This will show the Google Adsense team what your intentions are for the program.

Tips for Good Content:

  • Write useful information.
  • Check for spelling and grammatical errors.
  • Don’t write on taboo subjects, such as sex or gambling.

Google reserves the right to change their rules at any time so make sure you stay up to date on their guidelines.

Make Money With AdsenseOnce you’re approved for your account, you can manually ad your publisher ID # to other sites in order to earn from those as well. You don’t need to re-apply for every site you create but you do need to make sure that every site conforms to Google’s terms of service.

When you become approved to make money with Adsense, you’ll want to learn how to best monetize it. Google has rules about the type of content you can use as well as rules about how the ads must be laid out.

You have choices for ad sizes, ad colours, and whether or not you want to have ads contain pictures and words or words alone. Google has several Adsense earning opportunities, such as through traditional websites, through search, through feeds, and via mobile advertising, too.

Note: You cannot ask people to click your ads and you should never click your own ads. It must be natural. Google will cancel your account if click fraud is suspected and they use very advanced algorithms to detect patterns that suggest fraud of any sort.

Once your site (or combination of sites) hits $100 in accumulated earnings, Google will pay you. They pay on a monthly basis whenever your account hits $100 in the previous month (or via a combination of several months).

Some new online entrepreneurs take months to hit payout so they can make money with Adsense. But once you’ve developed your sites to achieve good traffic levels and if you write valuable content that compels the reader and that results in relevant ads, you could start making money from home with Adsense on a regular basis.

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