Ways To Make Money With Twitter

Posted on 10. Feb, 2012 by in Internet Business

Twitter is definitely one of the most popular social media sites on the web. Outside of Facebook, it’s probably the second most visited social media site on a daily basis. Businesses, celebrities, and regular everyday people use Twitter for all sorts of reasons. While Twitter doesn’t (yet) have ads and things like that like Facebook does, there are ways you can make money with Twitter. Read on for some advice and options..

Make Money With Twitter


Twitter updates can have links in them. These links can drive people to websites where they could buy something. If you’ve got an online store or are participating in an affiliate marketing program, Twitter could be a great way to help you promote your efforts. While this doesn’t mean you’re making money with Twitter directly, you’re using Twitter to make money with another area. If you develop a big following and write compelling tweets, you can get people to click your links and the place they land could generate money for you.

Post Paid Tweets

Because many advertisers know how valuable Twitter can be, many of them will pay people to Tweet for them. MyLikes is one example of a company that will pay you to Tweet. You don’t receive a flat fee per tweet but you receive a performance-based commission rate. You might have to tweet a link about a handbag or a vacation package, for instance, and for every person that clicks your link you could be awarded $.05 or something like that. If you have a large follower list, this can add up.

Ghost Tweeting

Some companies want to rev up their marketing activities and hire people to help. You could potentially make money with Twitter by managing a business’s Twitter account for them. If you advertised your ghost tweeting services, you could be paid a flat fee for a specified number of tweets or be paid hourly for your efforts.

Whether you try to make money with Twitter directly or use Twitter to augment another money making effort, it’s definitely a great tool for sharing quick bits of information. If you’re just beginning to delve into the world of making money with Twitter, familiarise yourself with all the lingo and the features of Twitter. Be sure you don’t attempt to take to spamming or you’ll get un-followed by followers at the very least and at the worst, you could also get your Twitter account suspended.

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