Making Money Blogging – 7 Tips

Posted on 11. Oct, 2011 by in Blogging

Want to succeed at making money blogging? Here are seven tips to help you do that:

1. Get a Google Adsense Account

Google shouldn’t be your only revenue stream but it’s a great one to have on your site as it can pay well and it’s not too difficult to get approved as a Google publisher. If your blog is approved for Google Adsense and you start to get traffic and build a following, you will be making money. It’s quite possible to make money with Google, why not do some keyword research and get a blog up and running today!

2. Learn SEO

Search engine optimisation of a blog can help you gain top search engine rankings, which equates to free traffic. This results in a higher potential for making money.

3. Know Your Market

Making Money BloggingDo you know who you’re writing blog posts for? Determine who your target customer is and figure out what they want. Figure out what they want in terms of information, design, and potential related products and services.

This will help you write for your target demographic and help you find ways of making money blogging because you’ll be able to source revenue generation programs that will suit that audience.

4. Know your Competitors

Who’s ranking better than your blog for your desired target keyword phrases? Who is hot on your heels? It’s advantageous from a money making perspective to know this so you can stay ahead of the competition that’s behind you and work to outrank the ones that are ahead of you.

5. Leverage Social Media

If you want to succeed at making money blogging, social media is a valuable tool. Social media can drive traffic to your blog and your blog can drive traffic on social media which can send new traffic back to your blog. Social networking is very valuable for bloggers.

6. Read Your Stats

Don’t just read your revenue stats. Your blog traffic stats are important as well. These will tell you where traffic comes from, how long people stay on the blog, and tell you a variety of things about your blog’s online standing. This information is going to be detrimental in your quest to improve your stats, which is something you should work to do on a constant basis.

7. Do Some Testing

Split test various things on your blog. Try different ad layouts, different designs, and various keyword optimisation strategies. By doing these things, you can find the perfect mix for making money blogging.

Making money blogging can take work so don’t give up too soon. Do some research, build some traffic and a following, and try various money making methods. Above all, have fun with it. If you enjoy blogging, making money could come along on and be a great bonus to a fun and rewarding activity.

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