Making Money From Home – Ways to Get Paid

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There’s a huge amount of options for making money from home and there are many different ways for you to get paid the money you earn online. Here are some of the options..


PayPal, owned by eBay, is a very common way to get paid when you make money on the internet. PayPal payments are transferred to your account and you can opt to access your money in three or four different ways:

  1. Making Money From HomeSpend the money online at a store that accepts PayPal.
  2. Transfer the money to your account. It takes a few business days and then it appears in your account.
  3. Ask PayPal to send you a check.
  4. Withdraw the money from a bank machine with a PayPal ATM card. As far as we know, this is only available to U.S. residents.

PayPal is easy to work with and many companies around the world deal with PayPal.


When making money from home, having a check sent is almost always an option. Of course some people prefer not to wait for a check to arrive and some are concerned about whether or not it ever will arrive (and if it’ll be honored). If you’re dealing with a reputable company, receiving a check shouldn’t be an issue, other than the possible delays of waiting for it. It’s important to do due diligence with all types of  work at home opportunities to be sure the company you’re working with is legitimate.

Direct Deposit

Certain companies will deposit the money you earn directly into your account. This is clearly a payment method that poses some potential dangers of scams so be extra vigilant about setting up any sort of arrangement that involves divulging your personal details. PayPal is generally a good option because you can transfer funds to your account without revealing your bank details to anyone.

Most people only share their banking details when it’s a telecommuting job with an established company or an affiliate network that’s well-regarded and established.

Western Union

Western Union transfers are a viable way to get paid, too, but it’s wise to receive funds before doing work this way to make sure you really are going to get paid. With Western or other money transfer services, you’re generally given a code to be able to pick up your money. You may need to supply ID and / or answer a question with a password you are given to be able to collect your money.

Job Board Escrow

Many freelance job boards (like Elance and VWorker) offer services to connect buyers and providers including managing payments. Many of these sites will use checks, money transfers, PayPal, or a special debit card to help you access money for work you’ve done.

Special Debit Card

Some affiliate marketing companies and job boards will issue MasterCard or Visa debit cards and will load them with your payment. The only downside most complain about is that these cards often involve extra fees for the convenience of using them. It can be a trade-off for having instant access to your funds.

Before starting any type of making money from home opportunity, be sure you fully understand what’s involved in receiving your payment, in any fees that payment method includes, and be sure the company or program you’re working with doesn’t have a reputation for skipping out on payments due.

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