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Want to be an entrepreneur online but don’t know where to start? Hearing success stories of internet entrepreneurs can make your mouth water. Wondering what you could do to make money online? Here are some money making ideas for you as well as some sound advice about developing ideas into something real..

Develop a Monetised Website

Money Making IdeasYou can make money via a monetised website. Create an information portal, a social marketing site, or a blog and find ways to make money on the site. You can put various ads and sell advertising. Blogs can be great in terms of money making (see our article on how to make money blogging). Ideas for websites are everywhere. If you come up with a good idea and you execute it well, this could be a great money maker.

Sell Your Services

If you want some money making ideas, look to those selling their services for a fee. You can find sites such as where people are willing to do tasks for a fee. If you come up with the right money making idea, you could do well.

You might already have a skill that could generate money for you. You could sell graphic design services, writing services, website design, or some other service, for example.

Create an Information Product

People who surf the web are looking for information. If you find a way to fulfill the need of someone with a specific need, they might pay you for it. Writing ebooks and selling them online is big business. If you don’t want to sell your own ebooks, many internet entrepreneurs will sell others’ ebooks for a fee. This type of program called affiliate marketing has great potential for those looking for money making ideas that don’t want to develop their own product.

Create a Useful / Helpful or Fun Tool

Google, Facebook, and Twitter started out as an idea. They’re part of our culture nowadays and make people a lot of money. Do you have an idea that could be the new Facebook? Do you have an idea for a smartphone app or something else that could make someone’s life easier or better or more fun? Your money making ideas could change your life.

If you don’t have money making ideas but want to be more entrepreneurial, start working on idea generation. If you already have some money making ideas brewing that you haven’t tried to develop yet, start working on turning your ideas into something tangible. The internet is a great place to turn dreams into reality. You’ll find tools, inspiration, and resources to help.

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